Ongoing projects 2017

Title: Ground Truth 2.0 (GT 2.0)

Client: H2020 Reaserch programme - Climate action, environment, resource efficiency and raw materials

Ground Truth 2.0 builds on previous projects related to citizen observatories, earth observation and land-use modelling, undertaken with the participation of Ground Truth 2.0 consortium partners. It recognises the importance of real-life interaction between people and technology to set up a successful system. Its innovative approach combine the social dimensions of citizen observatories with enabling technologies, so that the implementation of the respective citizen observatories is tailored to their envisaged societal and economic impacts.Ground Truth 2.0 is setting up and validating six citizen observatories in real conditions, in four European and two African demonstration cases. The project is demonstrating that such observatories are technologically feasible, can be implemented sustainably and that they have many societal and economic benefits. The ultimate objective is the global market uptake of the concept and the enabling technologies.

Ground Truth 2.0 is led by Dr. Uta Wehn, Associate Professor of Water Innovation Studies at IHE Delft, and runs for 3 years from 1 September 2016.

NDConsult is acting as a subcontractor to GT 2.0, responsible for the Exploitation Activities within the project.


Title:   Technical review of EO projects

Client: European Executive Research Agency (REA)

Nina Costa is acting as technical reviewer for the EC on the following H2020 projects:

  • APOLLO - Bringing the benefits of precision agriculture to smallholder farmers in Europe (see
  • EONav - Earth Observation for Marine Navigation

Title: SUpport to the Commission on international Cooperation by experts on Strategy and SATNAV (SUCCESS)

Client: European GNSS Supervisory Authority (GSA)

SUCCESS is a framework contract for activities in support to international cooperation on satellite navigation issued by the Commission's DG Enterprise and Industry. The SUCCESS activities will span four years and will comprise:

  • Cross-cutting support activities such as workshop organisation, capacity building and training, support to international research activities and participation in international events, and preparation of regional GNSS strategy documents.
  • Cost-benefit analyses.
  • Sectorial regional activities with an emphasis on Africa, South Africa and other regions (Latin America and Asia).

The lead partner on SUCCESS is FDC, France in collaboration with NDConsult, UK, VAS, Italy, Daniel Ludwig Consulting, France.